Official World Record sympathizes with the cause of nurse Jessica Anderson and opens the process to register the world record for the London Marathon in a normal 21st century uniform.


The international organization, founded in Europe, Official World Record (OWR) together with Guinness World Records (GWR) is the world record authority with the most prestige and truthfulness in the world at a global level.

Although GWR is better known, OWR is the only one in the world that has the sole endorsement of the Council of the notariats in all over the world, for its recognized rigour. The difference between the two organizations is that while GWR publishes books to sell them, our organization is only dedicated to verify and register the records without taking into account the commercial aspect. Being this feature along with the notaries, our touch of distinction that makes us different from the GWR and any other organization of local records.

Today, when we have learned through the media, of the non-acceptance of nurse Jessica Anderson's record of running the London Marathon more fast in nurse's uniform (female category) by the GWR with the objection that the uniform was not a dress with blue or white skirt, apron and beanie, the OWR International Acceptance Committee in an extraordinary session has met to assess the distinction by our organization in accordance with our strictness standards for a record that seems clear in the twenty-first century, and register it as a cry for equality between women and men, also taking into account that the English nurse made the record to raise funds for charitable purposes.

From OWR we understand that for a nurse's uniform to be recognized, the only requirement that must be given is that it is actually used by an approved medical center. For this reason, OWR, which is also a specialist in registering marathon records all over the world, and taking into account the registration of inclusive records for all types of people with special abilities, has already begun to make the necessary arrangements, putting us in contact with Ms. Anderson and the hospital where she works to provide the relevant evidence to be registered and recognized with a well-deserved world record, which is a shame that the GWR has denied with a sexist and antiquated vision of the social reality of the world from today.

It is worth mentioning that all uniforms globally, may be different taking into account that each culture and territory of the world has its customs and fashions related to their religious and sociocultural habits. Therefore, we do not understand that the GWR, being the only other global record authority, did not take this into account and rejected the record. And if you wanted it to be a specific nurse's uniform you would have had to specify it in the title or subtitle and explanations of the details of the record, but by not putting any type of specification you have to understand that it is worth any nurse's uniform of any era or type , as long as it has really been used in some period and place. It also makes it difficult for us to understand that it was not accepted even though the current record of these characteristics that the GWR shows, the nurse wore a vintage dress but with socks and sports shoes, which does not go too far with the retrograde requirements of the record according to GWR, and on the other hand it was not a problem to accept the record, nor have they had problems in accepting those of men dressed as nurses with sports shoes.

For all this, OWR has decided to start making the necessary arrangements to register the record of nurse Anderson so that her noble goals if they have been achieved, are recognized, and her story has a happy ending.