In April, Drayson Racing Technologies put the automotive world on notice when it announced that it was planning to break the FIA ​​World Electric Land Speed ​​Record. Well, note the broken registry. Led by former British Science Minister and racing driver Lord Paul Drayson, Drayson Racing achieved the goal it set itself two months ago, setting a new world ground speed record for an electric car in the sub-1 category of 000 kg of the FIA. With a heavily modified version of the 69 / EV Le Mans B12 prototype that was originally developed to compete in the American Le Mans Series, Drayson managed to clock at a top speed of 204.185 mph, clear head and shoulders of the 175 mph record set by Battery General Case. Electric in 1974. While the record is impressive however you look at it, it is still a far cry from today’s world electric land speed record car.

That distinction belongs to Venturi, who in 2010 was able to fully set himself apart with a top speed of 307.7 mph. Despite the catch of creating a registration using a sanctioned FIA vehicle, Drayson Racing’s achievement is no less impressive, especially considering the obvious challenges of having to attempt a registration with a car as light as the B12 69 prototype. / EV Le Mans. Congratulations to Lord Paul Drayson and all the other team at Drayson Racing. Record Well deserved