A great number of people , 7153 , danced and hopped on the rhythm of the song “ Parlem Catalá “ , composed by Joan Cayrol , walking from the lodge to the Cartellet and Victoria’s square , during a hip dub organised by the Catalàn Society .

The great event was supported by all the Catalans , by people from all the branches (transport , schools , factories , companies , offices , shops , politicians ) , in order to keep their native language alive , to use it in everyday life , in schools , in public institutions and so forth .The Catalans love their own language like no other people in the world .They are proud of being Catalans .The event took place around the historic building of the Castellet , a symbol of Catalanity . Catalans should be a model for other people in the world because they have just taught us a lesson , a lesson of being proud of themselves , of what they are . The 31st of May , 2012