Les Masies de Voltregà, Osona, Catalunya — On February 4th, 2012, the sequentially firing muzzle-load arms world record was achieved with a total of 210 shots. This event took place by the Holy Sanctuary of La Gleva, located in Les Masies de Voltregà, to commemorate and honor the 120 martyrs of La Gleva who died to defend Catalonia from the spain troops in 1714.

Òmnium Cultural responsibles (main sponsor of this event) would like to thank the institutional and citizen support to all these events, and to express their gratitude to all the associations, organizations and individuals who made them possible.The event took place with absolute normality even though the extremely cold outdoor conditions (-12C, 10F). Even with these low temperatures, more than 3.000 people attended the commemoration during all day, and the torchlight march in the evening was specially busy. This historic day for the Voltreganès county finished with a flower bouquet offering to the Virgin of La Gleva at her Holy Sanctuary.The final parliaments were made by the Catalan Business Center President, Mr. Ramon Carner (event sponsor), who asked everyone to work as much as possible from now on to achieve our own Catalan State, and by the Professor of the University of Barcelona, Mr. Francesc-Xavier Hernández-Cardona, who remarked the importance of this historical facts that were commemorated.