Swimmer Sarah Thomas crosses the Canal de la Mancha four times without stopping.

This 37-year-old American heroine has needed 54 hours and 10 minutes to perform such a feat.

She had to suffer the sting of a jellyfish in the face and with the insistent pain of eyes and throat due to salt. Is the person who regardless of gender has got to cross It four times.

Sarah Thomas is a marathon swimmer, who has numerous prodigious brands, among other , in 2017 she swam 104.6 miles at Lake Champlain, earning world records for the first current neutral swim of over 100 miles, and swimming at Open waters without longer assistance..

n principle, its route should be 130 kilometers, but given the sea conditions it was finally forced to swim about 210 kilometers to finish its epic test.

And the difference with its previous challenges lies in the special difficulty of the Canal, due to the temperature of the water, its currents and maritime traffic.